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Snowden’s star mare Parables will be put to the test on her spring carnival vows when she resumes in the $125,000 Group 3 Cockram Stakes at Caulfield this Saturday. Snowden has quite a few of Darley’s stable frontrunners racing first-up at the PB Lawrence Stakes Day meeting, including of course…



If one looks deeply into the societies and cultures around the world for something common, an element shared by all, legally or illegally, clear or ambiguous would be gambling in some form or the other. Gambling is risking a high amount of money or some valuable personals in the hope that they would be doubled or that the gambler would gain monetarily from it. A game of chance through and through, where the results are not sure, either lose or win but a person cannot be sure what would be the result. Gambling has infiltrated nearly all the walks of life, clubs, casinos, lotteries, office pools, normal betting and gambling amongst friends, Carnivals and of course sports.

Types of Gambling:

Over the time gambling has diversified into different branches and types of which at first the casino gambling was the most famous and sought after, with card and table games, as well as the slot machines and Bingo. Las Vegas is a name known to all, gambler or not, it is the biggest spot for all types of gambling and has the largest collections of casinos. The second type is the non casino gambling which can be further segmented even further; Card games, mahjong, Carnival games and tricks, coin tossing and the lotteries. The last types, that of lotteries is sometimes not even counted as gambling in countries where it is forbidden, there are hundreds of types of lotteries and even if people chose to ignore the fact it is one of the most common type of gambling. In today’s age and time the online gambling has become a huge and profitable industry, keeping in mind the easy access and the relaxed mode of play. Finally we come to the sports gambling, in other words betting more or less a house hold term now.

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Sports and Gambling:

Sports, something men have always associated with and women are increasingly becoming part of, as players and competitors as well as spectators. Every person either young, middle aged or old has one or more favorite games which they like to indulge in or just watch, of which football/Soccer, baseball and horse riding have made a bigger mark on the lives of the spectators than the other versions of sports. When we talk of sports gambling or betting the first sport that comes to mind is horse racing, for betting and racing have walked the planks of time together, have flourished, changed and evolved simultaneously, horse riding has gained and burgeoned more or less due to the betting practice that is so common in all races.

There are two elements necessary for sports betting, calculating the odds, and the bookmakers, the odds represent how much a bettor would stand to gain if his bet pays off, while the bookmaker is the connection between the bettor and the game, event or sport. Odds are popularly of four types of which the decimal odds represent the British betting system, while the American odds as guessed by the name is an American invention, two other odds are the fractional and the horse odds. Betting systems and selections as well as tips are becoming a common practice which helps the bettor to place intelligent and winning bets.

Horse Racing:

With a long and intricate history, horse racing has developed into the high profile spectator sport that it is today, the history starting thousands of years ago, with different types of races which have changed and evolved over the centuries. The thoroughbreds and the thoroughbred races took shape in the 12th century in England and after that at first formally and later professionally the races started taking root in the English society. The first Jockey Club was established and the increasing number of races was monitored and rules were formulated, the breeds were recorded. After that there was no stopping the sport from spreading across to other nations regions and countries, starting with Australia and recently making its mark in Japan and Dubai.

Horse breeders, trainers and the jockeys, these are the most important constituents of the horse races, of course without the horses there would be no races at all. The breeders over the long years have devised ways and methods to ensure that they can breed more and more winning thoroughbreds, the breeding industry and practice flourishing by the day. As for the trainers, they are the ones to understand and prepare the horses for the races, they know their short comings and their best abilities as well as the qualities inherent in the horses, and they play on these qualities, polish them and train the horses for the ultimate races. Finally we have the jockeys, the people who have to lead the horses to the race tracks and take charge there, they know when to slow and when to speed their horses and their love and passion for riding helps them all the way through.

Racing Selections:

Online betting, online bookies even online horse racing sites, they have been gaining importance of late. There are several sites that give full information about every race that is to take place in Australia and around the globe, others where odds are calculated and the people are given the best selections, who would win, who has been racing well, the best jockey to lead the horse, the best horse in the last events, the one who is likely to place, the odds against and for the horses all this and more by the handicappers, who know the most about the races they help the people through these systems. The selections give pointers on how to pick winners or who to bet on, which races are the best bets etc. It doesn’t matter where you live or what type of wager you wish to place, chances are you will find an online bookmaker taking bets upon it.